"I feel compelled to write to commend you and your organization for a job well done constructing the renovations to Whitney Center's Health Care center. As a long standing client of ours, it made our job much easier to keep them satisfied during this very "schedule-intense" project. Any time we are asked to design around an existing functioning environment the schedule and phasing become very important as we are directly effecting people's daily lives. This was especially true at Whitney Center. The staff who work there and people who live there were greatly effected. The efforts of your field superintendent was instrumental in keeping people informed and schedules flowing smoothly. It is a testament to his efforts that this project went as smoothly as it has. As with most complex renovation projects it is the confidence and ability of the superintendent that people respond to. He was able to operate around a working health care environment that mixed bathing and therapy sessions with opening roofs for skylights and installing a new central nursing station. Your firm was definite asset and we look forward to working with you on future projects."