Ideal Fish

Ideal Fish

Great American Aquaculture,LLC contracted PAC Group to renovate roughly 55,000 sq. ft. of existing industrial building and construct a 9,000 sq. ft. addition to accommodate a land-based recirculating saltwater aquaculture facility. The facility is a prototype, showcasing Pentair’s Aquatic Eco-Systems technology and equipment. The facility includes 4 stand alone quarantine/nursery systems, 12 large scale row out tanks, 4 separate purge system tanks, a saltwater mixing system and a large scale life support/filtration system. The filtration system filters, cleanses, balances and oxygenates the water so it is suitable to be recirculated back through the system cutting down on water being discharged from the site. The waste products are also being processed creating an organic fertilizer that is ideal for crops. The fish in this facility are not exposed to external pathogens and/or pollutants as they are in a controlled environment that is closely monitored for optimal growth conditions. This eliminates the need for antibiotics and growth hormones to produce marketable fish. The goal of this facility is to produce roughly 14,000 tons of clean, locally sourced fish a year.


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